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Clixa Technology

Clixa Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a future- oriented education service provider. It aims to empower the educators and students with all the necessary tools using the available technological platform. Making it an umbrella of quality education.

The founders of Clixa Technology are the esteemed revolutionaries and inspiration in the field of education since a long time & are a team of renowned authors, teachers, institutional heads & also former board members. Hence having deep insights about the dynamics of educational needs in India, we aim to keep it at par with the advancing technology & speed in the dynamic digital world.


Bright Tutee has the vision to empower each child to pave their path to success by providing them appropriate resources to prepare themselves for the future. We want to augment their education with self-paced digital learning resources from the best of the best in the domain of education.


We are on the mission to provide high-quality learning material through the digital learning platform to all students across the nation at an affordable price. Our aim is to empower every student with knowledge at the comfort of their home.

Why Bright Tutee?

In this digital age technology has eased out the human efforts in almost every sphere besides education. While the available platforms are still affordable and a distant dream for the commoners. With a 360 degree coverage of the syllabus, we aim to bring Bright Tutee to every child who can’t afford private tutions.

It assists in bringing educational expert, authors and teacher to every student at their will. We offer an engaging and interactive learning experience tailor-made basis the prowess and capabilities of each student. Bright Tutee is a one-to-many based learning to many-to-one model. We aim to set up new standards and benchmark for economical education nationally.

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