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Video Lessons

2. Modals, Modals question & answers

3. Active and passive voice question and answer

5. Direct and indirect Speech

1. Reading Skill


Exam Preparation Kit

Bright Tutee provides class 10th full course of English of ARPEDU which includes video lectures, MCQs, assignments, sample papers, model test papers, and previous years’ question papers. We also conduct live sessions on our YouTube channel to clear the doubts of the students. This course is also available in offline format via pen drive, SD Card to those who cannot access internet or have low internet speed.

Easy and detailed video lectures-

We provide you easy and detailed video lectures where our experienced and qualified teachers like Ratna Bandopadhyay (20 years’ experienced)and Monika Khurana (20 years’ experienced) explain every lesson in detail and easy language. The lessons in this course remain adhered to Arunachal Pradesh Board. Our video lectures are comprehensive yet engaging and focus on conceptual understanding of every lesson. When you understand the concept clearly, it becomes easy for you to write in exams in a better way.

MCQs and Assignments–

We provide chapter-wise multiple choice questions of every topic and lesson. As you submit the answers of MCQs, you get an instant result. It gives you actual assessment how much you learnt from every lesson and which topics you have to revise. These topic wise and chapter wise assignments help you greatly to get command over that topic and chapter.

Exam Preparation Kit-

An Exam-Preparation Kit which comprises solved and unsolved previous years’ question papers, model test papers, and sample papers. Solving these papers make you familiar with exam pattern and marking scheme. It will boost your confidence level on actual exam day. You will be better with time management skills.

Learn Anywhere and Anytime-

You can learn anywhere and at any time depending on your time and need. Once you purchase the course, you get access to the whole course which you can study it from anywhere. It saves much of your time and energy which is wasted in commuting.

Studying with this course can bring you an improvement of 10%-30% in Class 10th English which increases the chances to opt English in higher classes.

This ARPEDU Class 10th English course is very affordable too. In fact, you can access the course for one day at just Rs. 30. You can buy it chapter-wise as well as for different time periods like 1 week, 2months, 6 months, 1 year, etc.