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Exam Preparation Kit

Mathematics needs only two things to score the best marks. First thing is to understand the concept very clearly and second thing is to practice its questions regularly and master it. If you get mastery over these two things, nothing can stop you to score full marks in exams. 

Bright Tutee’s class 10th Mathematics course of CGBSE provides you the best study material to understand the concepts and to practice the problems to score the best marks in class 10th. This course includes online video lectures, MCQs, assignments, sample papers, model test papers, and previous years’ question papers.

Full course in offline format-

We provide the full course of class 10th Mathematics is also available in offline format through pen drive, SD Card, and tablet. If you do not have any internet connection or have low internet speed, you can purchase this course by calling us and we’ll deliver it at your doorsteps.

Video lectures based on conceptual understanding-

Our teachers teach the chapters through video lectures.  These video lectures are prepared by our experienced and competent teachers like B.K Singh (17 years’ experience) and Sanjay Jain (15 years’ experienced). Their rich experience help them to delve deep into students’ psyche plus they are well acquainted with the exam pattern and marking scheme. They explain each and every concept with practical examples and real-life examples.

MCQs and assignments-

Bright Tutee provides multiple-choice questions and assignments with every chapter. Solving these questions after completion of chapter gives you an in-depth knowledge of the chapter and you become confident with every chapter.

Practice with Exam-Preparation Kit-

Bright Tutee provides solved and unsolved sample papers, model test papers, and previous years’ question papers. As you complete the whole syllabus, start practicing these question papers one by one daily. Set the timer when you start the question paper and check that in how much time you have completed the question paper. Doing this exercise will increase your confidence manifolds. Additionally, you will understand the exam pattern, marking scheme and also can guess which questions may appear in the exams.

Live Sessions for doubt clearance-

We also conduct live session on our YouTube channel whose updates are provided on our Facebook page.In these live sessions, our teacher discusses a chapter and the students ask their queries or doubts related to that chapter. Moreover, our teachers also discuss the marking scheme, exam pattern and strategy to score the best marks in exams.

Flexible Approach & affordable courses-

Bright Tutee provides the courseat very reasonable prices. We provide the full course for 1 day at just Rs 30.  You can also purchase a single chapter or many of the chapters according to your learning need. Plus, the courses are available for different time periods like 1 day, 1 month, 2 months, 6 months 1 year etc.

Bright Tutee’s full course of class 10th Mathematics of Chhattisgarh Board is the best course to score highest marks in exams. And if you study this course sincerely, you can score full marks in class 10th.