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1. Introduction

1. Analysis of Poverty

1. Causes of Poverty

1. Anti poverty measures


Exam Preparation Kit

Bright Tutee provides a one-stop solution for CBSE class 9th Social Science which includes video lectures, assessments, MCQs, solved and unsolved sample papers, model test papers and previous years’ question papers. Our video lectures at Bright Tutee make history, Economics, Geography, and Political Science interesting and easy. Our teachers like Vrinda Khurana (15 years), Manju Goel (27 years), and Kumar Anurag (15 years) who prepare the video lectures are highly experienced and qualified. Their experience and methodology have helped many students to achieve highest marks in the exam.

Get a deeper understanding of the topics with online video lectures-

Every chapter of the video lecture is described in a detailed and easy to understand language. Our teachers work hard to make the complex topics like “Natural Vegetation and Wildlife”, “Socialism in Europe and Russian revolution”, “Electoral Politics” easy to comprehend and score highest marks. You can also make notes on dashboard with video lectures of Class 9th Social Science. These video lectures are made according to the latest CBSE Syllabus.

Test how much you learn with MCQs, Assignments & Question banks-

You can assess how much you have learned with every chapter by attempting multiple choice questions and assessments with every topic. You attempt the question and it gives you an instant result. These MCQs also let you know your strengths and weaknesses in every topic. We also provide chapter-wise question banks. 

Prepare to score better marks with Exam-Preparation kit-

After completing the whole syllabus of Social Science, start attempting the solved and unsolved sample papers, model test papers and previous years’ question papers provided by Bright Tutee in Exam-Preparation Kit. Practicing with the previous years’ question papers will reduce your stress to a greater level on actual exam day and you will learn time management better. Plus, it fosters your confidence.

A self-paced study platform-

You can study anywhere and anytime with Bright Tutee. Once you buy the course you can access it from anywhere. It reduces your energy and time of traveling to coaching centers. Plus, you can study at home with a focused mind to study.

Highly affordable course-

Another outstanding advantage of studying with Bright Tutee is its affordability. You can choose to buy only a chapter or some of the chapters according to your learning need. Additionally, you can also buy the course for 15 days, 1 week, 1 month, 2months, 3 months, 6 months or for an entire year.

Interactive live Sessions-

We also conduct live sessions on our YouTube channel wherein the teachers describe the chapters and the student can also ask their doubts from teachers. The teachers also discuss writing tips, important questions and the latest updates of CBSE.
Our Class 9th Social Science course is the key to achieve success in Social Science.  It provides a full-fledged qualitative and detailed study material including question papers. Nothing can stop you to score the highest marks with the class 9th social science course.