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Millions of students in India still struggle with English. They find it hard to express their ideas, their thoughts in English. And they find it equally hard to score in their English paper

To help all those students, we, at Bright Tutee, spoke with some of the most experienced teachers who have been teaching English for decades. Unn sabhi discussions ke baad aur education field me apne dashkon ke experience ko use karke, we have developed highly student-friendly and result-oriented English courses for class 9th and 10th students studying across boards. This particular video course is for Haryana Board students who want to improve their marks in English in class 10th exams. 

Ye course Haryana Board of School Education (HBSE) ke syllabus ke according tayaar kiya gaya hai, and it comprises video lessons which deepen your conceptual understanding, MCQs, assignments, and question papers

In order to reach out to the remotest corners of the region, we provide this course online as well as offline. If you stay in an area where net connectivity is low, you can opt for our class 10th English course to be delivered in a pen drive, tablet, etc.

Find below some more reasons to purchase this course:

All-inclusive course in an easy to understand language-

We understand you may not be comfortable with a teacher who teaches in English. So, this particular video course for HBSE class 10th standard has been prepared in a bilingual mode which means the teacher teaches you using both the languages which are Hindi and English. This course covers all your syllabus. So, you will learn to excel in Reading Skills, Writing Skills, Grammar part, and textbooks questions and answers

MCQs and Assessments-

We have provided multiple-choice questions and unsolved/solved assignments in PDF formats to help students have a quick revision of what they just learnt of a video chapter. By taking MCQs and solving unsolved assignments, students feel far more confident which eventually helps them solve unsolved question papers and get prepared for final exams. 

Bright Tutee's Exam Preparation Kit-

We provide both unsolved and solved question papers. We call it our exam preparation kit which primarily comprises previous years' question papers, sample question papers, and model test papers. To stand a good chance to score full marks or at least 20-30% percent more marks in English paper, it's important that students practice with as many question papers as possible. Solving question papers boost a student's confidence which eventually shows up in the mark sheet. 

With this English video course, you can start studying English no matter where you are. You can cut back on your dependency on your tuition centers since you can study everything related to your English subject from the comfort of your home. Ye course kaafi affordable bhi hai. In fact, the one day access cost of our video courses start from just Rs. 30! 

Jyada information ke liye, please contact our support team. You can even try out our course for one week before you commit to an annual access program.