Video Lessons

1. Development goals

2. Comparison among different states and countries in terms of development goals

3. Sustainablity of Development

1. Sectors of Economic Activities


Exam Preparation Kit

Bright Tutee’s HBSE class 10th Social Science course is a full-fledged course to score the highest marks in exams. This course includes online video lectures, MCQs, assignments, sample papers, model test papers, and last years’ question papers. Our qualified and experienced teachers like Manju Goel (27 years’ experience), Kumar Anurag (15 years’ experience), and Vrinda Khurana (15 years’ experience) strive hard to prepare these video lectures with sheer dedication and hard work. This course covers all the chapters and topics of History, Political Science, Geography and Economics adhering to Haryana Board.

Engaging and comprehensive Video lectures-

Our teachers make Social Science easy and interesting with their engaging video lectures. They explain every chapter in video lectures with descriptive pictures and diagrams. Their rich experience helps them to make the tough topics easy so that the students could attempt the questions related to it in exams. You can also make notes on the dashboard while watching our video lecture.

Assess how much you learnt with MCQs and Assignments-

We provide multiple choice questions and assignments with every chapter. As you finish the chapter with video lecture, attempt chapter-wise MCQs and assignments and immediately you get the result. Attempting the MCQs will make you confident with every chapter. Plus, you can revise the chapter where you feel lacking while giving MCQs.

Get all types of Question Papers in Exam-Preparation kit-

Bright Tutee provides solved and unsolved sample papers, model test papers and previous years’ question papers. When you complete the whole syllabus of Social Science, then start practicing mock test series with these question papers. It will be beneficial for you in three ways. Firstly, it will make you familiar with the exam pattern. Secondly, it will make you confident. Thirdly, you will get better with time management that how much time should be allocated to every question in exams.

Learn anywhere and anytime with Bright Tutee-

You can study anywhere and anytime with Bright Tutee. Once you buy the course, you can access it from anywhere. It reduces your energy and time of traveling to coaching centers. Plus, you can study at home with a focused mind to study.

Starting Price of Course-Rs 30-

Bright Tutee provides highly affordable courses. We provide 1-day access to our course at just Rs 30. You can choose to buy only a chapter or some of the chapters according to your learning needs. Additionally, we also provide customized courses for different time periods for 15 days, 1 week, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months or for an entire year.   

Doubt Clearance Live-Sessions-

We also conduct live sessions on our YouTube channel wherein the teachers describe the chapters and the student can also ask their doubts from teachers. The teachers also discuss writing tips and important questions from the exam point of view.

HBSE Class 10th social Science full course is a key to achieve the highest marks in your Board exams. You will get each and every study material with this course including all types of question papers. Plus, we also take live sessions for your doubt-clearance. And for those students who are unable to access internet facilities, we provide this course via pen drive, SD Card and tablet.