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Video Lessons

1. Euclid's Division Lemma Part1

1. Euclid's Division Lemma Part2

2. The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic

3. Revisiting Irrational Numbers


Exam Preparation Kit

BrightTutee is an e-learning study platform that provides online and offline courses. This course of class 10th Mathematics (गणित) includes video lessons, MCQs (बहुविकल्पी प्रश्न), assignments, sample papers, model test papers and last years’ question papers (पिछले वर्षों के प्रश्न पत्र). This course is available in bilingual (द्विभाषिक) medium which means you can study all the chapters in English and Hindi medium as well.

Inclusive Video Lectures adhering to HPBOSE-

The video lectures are full and detailed (विस्तृत) explanation of all the chapters. The teachers explain these chapters in a very easy language so that the student could understand the concept very nicely. Our teachers like Sanjay Jain (15 years) and B.K. Singh (17 years) adopt a very student-friendly approach towards teaching to make you comfortable. Plus, these teachers have decades of experience which helps them to make lectures enriching from exam point of view. We also provide you the facility (सुविधा) to make the notes on dashboard while learning from video lectures.

Evaluate yourself with every chapter-

In order to get a comprehensive understanding of every chapter, we provide you MCQs (बहुविकल्पी प्रश्न) and assignments with every chapter. Solving these questions get you an in-depth knowledge of every chapter. And it also helps you to know the topics where you are weak.

Better practice leads to better marks with Exam Preparation Kit-

Practice (अभ्यास) the question papers every day to become more confident. We provide you solved and unsolved version of sample papers (नमूना पत्र), model test papers, and previous years’ question papers. Assign three hours every day and solve the question papers one by one. Firstly, solve unsolved (न सुलझा हुआ) question paper and then check your answers with solved (हल किया) question papers.

By solving these question papers, you can check your speed and time that how much time should be allocated to every question. And most importantly, you will get familiar with the exam pattern very well.

Study at the comfort of your home-

Bright Tutee provides this course in online as well as offline format which you can accessat home. When you buy the course online or offline, you can study at home by watching the video lectures and solving assessments and question papers.

Highly Economic Course- 

We provide 1 day access to our courses at just Rs 30. The courses are also available for different time periods like 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 2 months,6 months etc.

This full course can make you score the best marks in class 10th Mathematics in bilingual medium. Learning the concept by experienced teachers, solving chapter-wise MCQs and assignments, and practicing question papers with exam-Preparation kit plus live session for doubt clearance gives the best strategy (रणनीति) to get highest marks in your Board exams. And if you study the full course sincerely by following our teachers’ tips and tricks, you can even score full percentile in class 10th.