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1. Introduction

2. French resolution and its causes

3. French society during the late eighteenth century

4. The struggle to survive


Exam Preparation Kit

Bright Tutee provides class 9th Social Science full course of Himachal Pradesh Board in bilingual (द्विभाषिक) medium. In bilingual medium, the teacher teaches the topic in Hindi and English which makes you comfortable to understand the topics easily. This course includes online video lectures, MCQs, assignments, sample papers, model test papers, and last years’ question papers. The chapters of the subject are explained in Hindi and English in this course through online video lectures.

Mapped to syllabus of Himachal Pradesh Board-

The video lectures remain strictly adhered to Himachal Pradesh Board. These lectures consist of detailed (विस्तृत) and comprehensive explanation (व्याख्या) of every chapter which is prepared by our experienced teachers. Their rich experience helps them to make the video lectures from exam point of view (परीक्षा का दृष्टिकोण) in the best way. Our teachers explain every word and line to make you understand the concept thoroughly. Understanding the concept thoroughly will get you better marks in exams and it will retain for a longer time in your memory.

Assessment gets you an in-depth knowledge of the chapter-

As you learn a chapter, start solving the multiple-choice questions and assignments given with every chapter. It will make you confident as you will get an in-depth knowledge of the chapter. These MCQs (बहुविकल्पी प्रश्न) and assignments are available in solved and unsolved version.

Practice mock tests with Question papers-

Bright Tutee provides you sample papers, model test papers, and previous years’ question papers. After completing the syllabus, solve these question papers daily. It will get you better in time management (समय प्रबंधन) that how much time should be allocated to every question. You will get to know the exam pattern and marking scheme (अंकन योजना). Moreover, you will be very confident on day of your exam.

Courses at reasonable cost-

We provide 1-day access to our course at just Rs 30. The courses are provided for different durations like 1 day, 1 week, 6 months, 1 year, etc. Plus, you can also buy a single chapter or some of the chapters according to your learning need.

Available in offline mode-

The full course is also available in offline mode through pen drive, SD Card, and tablet. When you purchase the course offline, we will deliever it to you at your home. Then, you can study the course through pen drive, tablet or SD Card just sitting at home.

This class 9th Social Science course is a complete and best course to score the highest marks in exams. Our team of experienced (अनुभवी) teachers likes Manju Goel (27 years’ experience), Vrinda Khurana (15 years’ experience), and Kumar Anurag (15 years’ experience) make this course highly effective (प्रभावी) to enable you to understand the chapters in the best way and you could get the best marks in the exam. If you study with this course earnestly (निष्ठा से), you can not only increase your percentage but also get full marks in exams.