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Video Lessons

2. Modals, Modals question & answers

3. Active and passive voice question and answer

5. Direct and indirect Speech

1. Reading Skill


Exam Preparation Kit

English is still a tough subject for many of the students. For example, grammar is a very scoring part of English but most of the students don’t understand the concept of grammar and eventually, they lose marks. Our course mainly stresses on conceptual understanding of every lesson and topic including grammar. When you understand the concept, you can score higher marks in exams.

Video lectures based on conceptual understanding-

Our video lectures are the mode of teaching a lesson and topic. These video lessons are specially designed by team of our competent and experienced teachers like Ratna Bandopadhyay (20 years’ experience) and Monika Khurana (20 years’ experience). The teachers explain every topic in detailand easy to understand language. Even, they explain the word meanings of difficult words. Many students have achieved full marks in English with this course.

Multiple choice questions and Assignments-

We provide multiple choice questions and assignments with every chapter. Solving these papers will give you an in-depth knowledge of every chapter and you can score better in your exams.

Practice with different Question Papers-

We provide you solved and unsolved sample papers, model test papers, and previous years’ question papers. After completing the whole syllabus, solve these question papers. Attempting these question papers will make you familiar with the exam pattern and marking scheme. It will make you good with time management skills that how much time should be allocated to a particular question. And most importantly, you will be very confident on actual exam day.

Live Sessions for doubt clearance-

We conduct live sessions on our YouTube channel. The information about the live sessions is update don our Facebook page. In these live sessions, our teacher discusses a chapter with students in detail and the students also ask their doubts from teachers. The teachers also recommend important questions from the exam point of view. Plus, they also talk about the changes in exam patterns, marking scheme, etc.

A self-paced Bright Tutee-

Bright Tutee is a self – paced study platform where you can learn anywhere and anytime. When you purchase the course, you get access to the full course. You can study with full concentration at home as you need not worry about going to tuitions and it also save your time and energy.

Starting price at Rs 30-

We provide 1-day access to our full course at just Rs 30. Customized courses are also available for different time periods like 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 2 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc.

Bright Tutee’s class 10th English full course of Jharkhand Board is the best course to score the best marks in English. We also provide this full course in offline mode via pen drive, SD Card and tablet.