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2. Farming in Palampur

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Exam Preparation Kit

Social Science is a very boring subject for many students. 

However, with the right preparation, students can easily score more marks in this subject. 

This video lecture course on Social Science from Bright Tutee is meant for class 9th students of Jharkhand Academic Council (JAC). यह course JAC board के  सिलेबस  के  according तैयार  किया  गया  है! This course contains video lectures, multiple-choice questions (MCQs), assignments and an exam preparation kit. 

इस course को  हमारे qualified teachers ने  बनाया  है  and it is a bilingual course, which means teachers have used both Hindi and English (Hinglish) for teaching. 

You can learn from online video lessons or get it delivered to your address in a pen drive, tablet, and SD card. We have provided this option of offline because we know that in many parts in India there is no internet connectivity and we don’t want students in these areas to be left behind. 

It covers Social Science subjects including History (इतिहास ), Political Science (राजनीति विज्ञान), Economics (अर्थशास्त्र) and Geography (भूगोल)!

Benefits of this course

Result-oriented and detailed video lectures-

हम इस course के अंदर आपको video lessons provides कराते हैं, which we have prepared on every chapter of Social Science textbooks of JAC board including “Poverty as a Challenge” “The French Revolution” and “Peasants and Farmers.” इन lessons को हमारे teachers ने Hinglish में समझाया है so that even students who are weak in either language can also understand. 

Assignments and Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for Assessment-

MCQs in the form of online tests and unsolved and solved assignments in PDF formats help you confirm the topics you have actually learnt. On the basis of results of the MCQ tests, you can decide whether to revise a particular topic or move on to next the next topic.

Exam Preparation Kit-

You can get over the fear of exams with the help of this Exam Preparation Kit which contains all the previous years question papers (solved and unsolved), model test papers and sample papers.  With this kit, you get to know about the marking scheme and exam pattern. This makes you more confident and increases your chances to score more marks in 9th Social Science exams. 

Study from Anywhere, Anytime

आप इस course को  कहीं  से भी  access कर सकते  हैं! You just a need a laptop, PC or smartphone. Also, you get all your doubts cleared from our teachers during our live sessions or by commenting on the videos. इस  कोर्स  को  लेने  के  बाद  आपको  किसी भी  tuition में  जाने  की  ज़रूरत  नहीं  पड़ेगी!

Cost-Effective Course

We meant it when we say every student matters. The fees of this course is quite reasonable. Even students from weaker sections of the society can also purchase this course as per their needs. आप इस कोर्स को एक दिन के लिए Rs 30 में access कर सकते  हैं! You can also purchase the course for different time periods such as for a week, month, or 6 months.

Chapter –Wise selection Option

You can also customize the course and make chapter-wise selection. No need to purchase the whole course, if you want to study a single chapter.

So don’t get left behind. Buy this course and enhance your learning journey.