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Video Lessons

1. Linear Equations Part 1

1. Linear Equations Part 2

2. Solution of a linear equation

3. Graph fo a linear equation in two variables Part 1


Exam Preparation Kit

This course from Bright Tutee’s team of qualified teachers is for students of Class 9th of the Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (MPBSE), who wish to get higher marks in Mathematics when they sit for their exams. 

This course contains video lectures, multiple choice questions (MCQs), assignments, unsolved and solved previous years’ question papers, model test papers and sample papers.

Humara yeh course bahut he affordable hai aur aap ise kahin se bhi access kar sakte hain with the help of internet. However, if you reside in a place where there is no internet connectivity we can deliver it to you in a pen drive, SD card, and tablet

This course strictly adheres to the MPBSE syllabus and is surely meant to benefit all the MPBSE students of Class 9th. It is a bilingual course, which means, humare teachers ne Hindi and English (Hinglish) dono hi ka use kiya hai taaki aapke concepts bahut hi achchhe se clear ho saken. 

Below are mentioned some of the advantages of this course

Result Oriented Detailed Video Lessons 

Iss video course me you will find all the chapters from your Mathematics book. The chapters covered include “Number Systems (संख्या प्रणाली)” “Triangles (त्रिभुज)” and “Circles (वृत्त)!” Our teachers have explained every chapter in great detail. They help you with questions and answers from the textbooks and other resources which can help you score higher marks in MPBSE exams.

MCQs and Assignments for Assessment

We provide you with MCQs in the form of online tests after completion of each topic. MCQs take less time to complete, with shorter assessment time required and they also increase your speed and accuracy. Assignments are also given, which increases your command over a topic. 

Study Material for Exam Preparation

This course also contains an exam preparation kit. The kit comprises all the previous years’ question papers (solved and unsolved), model test papers and sample papers. Practicing all these eliminates your exam fear and aap board exams ki marking scheme aur exam pattern ko bhi samjhne lag jate ho. 

Available for different durations

You can access this course for one day, one week, one month, etc. You can also customize it with the help of chapter wise selection option.

Pocket-friendly Course

Bright Tutee's team understands that not everyone can afford to spend much on education. So we have kept the price of the course to the minimum so that all the students of the MPBSE board can benefit from it irrespective of their economic status. In fact, the price of accessing the course for one day is just Rs 75. 

For more information on this course, please contact our customer support team at 0120-4351426, 0120-4029299.