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A student is likely to finish exams well on time and score more in every subject, including Maths, if the student reads every day and clears doubts along the way. 

Bright Tutee helps students study smart with its digital learning programs. This particular Maths course has been prepared by our team of experienced teachers for students of Nagaland board (NBSE) who dream to score outstanding marks in their Maths paper. 

To reach out to more and more students, we make this course available both online and offline. This means one can master class 10th Mathematics either by getting on our website or mobile app. But for that, you'd need access to the internet. 

However, you need not to lose heart if you do not have access to internet. In any situation, you can opt for our offline courses in which we deliver you this Maths course in pen drives, tablets, etc. 

Result-oriented and detailed video lectures-

We prepare our video lectures with the sole objective of helping you deeply understand every topic and chapter from your Maths textbook. To further strengthen your problem-solving abilities, our teachers also refer other Maths guides and materials. Teachers solve examples and questions from the textbook. 

MCQs and Assignments-

MCQs are multiple-choice questions and they are a great tool to know how much you understand a topic. 

At Bright Tutee, we enrich the learning experience of our NBSE board students by supplying them with lots of topic-wise MCQs and unsolved/solved assignments. By solving MCQs and assignments, you not only revise what you learnt from a video lesson but also get to know what is it that you still haven't fully understood and need a revision. Plus, we also provide chapter-wise question banks.

Exam Preparation Kit-

You get our class 10th Nagaland board exam preparation kit with the annual course plan. The kit comprises previous years' question papers, model test papers, and sample question papers. 

To get over your fear of 10th class exams or to skyrocket your chances to score really high marks in the final exams, it is very important that you sit every day and solve question paper after question paper. Solving the unsolved question papers boosts your confidence, improves your problem-solving ability, and you also end up finishing your paper well on time. 

Affordable course prices-

Our NBSE class 10th Mathematics video course is very economical if you look at its pricing plans. 

You can start learning from Rs. 30. You also get different choices to access this course. For example, you can purchase this course for one week, one month, even for 2 months and 6 months. You can also buy specific chapters, depending on your learning needs. 

Not sure about the annual plan? Start with a more basic one, such as a weekly or monthly plan.