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1. Chemical reactions

2. Chemical Equation

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1. Types of chemical reaction


Exam Preparation Kit

It's very much possible to score full marks or at least get 10-30 percent more marks in Science. No matter how much you like or hate Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, you can improve your marks with the help of Bright Tutee's new and updated Science video lectures course which strictly adheres to Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE) syllabus. 

This course is available online and offline. If you do not have access to internet, you can get the course content delivered to your address in a pen drive, or tablet or other devices. 

Engaging and comprehensive Video lectures-

We have highly experienced Science teachers on board. And they leverage their experience in making you fall in love with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. These teachers explain every new chapter and topic in great detail. They make you learn by connecting learning with our everyday experiences and stories. They clear your concepts. They solve the problems from the textbooks and reputed guides. And this style of teaching makes you a better learner of Science

MCQs and Assignments so you retain more of what you learn-

Topic-wise multiple-choice questions and unsolved/solved assignments in PDF formats help you cross-check how much you actually learnt. Based on the results from MCQ tests, you can move on to the next topics or get back and revise. Plus, we also give a chapter-wise question bank in solved and unsolved version.

Exam Preparation Kit-

It's important to solve previous years' question papers to clear NBSE board class 10th exams with flying colours. 

We, at Bright Tutee, provide you with these question papers (both unsolved and solved versions). In addition, you also get access to model test papers and sample question papers. This kind of smart exam preparation helps you get over the fear of exams. Along the way, you get to know about the marking scheme and exam pattern. This makes you confident and improves your chances to score higher marks in 10th Science exams. 

Highly Affordable Course-

Our Science video lectures course for NBSE class 10th standard is very affordable. We have kept the pricing surprisingly very low so as to ensure that even the most economically disadvantaged students can take benefit from our courses. A one-day access to our courses start with only Rs. 30. Students can also purchase the course for different time periods such as for a week, month, or 6 months. Chapter-wise purchase options are also available. 

Learn Anytime and Anywhere-

Whether it's Physics, Chemistry, or Biology,  Bright Tutee enables you to study Science whenever you want, wherever you want. You also do not have to pay to your tutors and waste time on the commute. 

For more information on our NBSE class 10th course, please contact our support team.