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2. Modals, Modals question & answers

3. Active and passive voice question and answer

5. Direct and indirect Speech

1. Reading Skill


Exam Preparation Kit

Class 10th English Literature video course, prepared by Bright Tutee team, offers students a unique view of the fascinating and ever-expanding world of English literature. Students also get are also required to work on their reading and writing skills, and get better in grammar

However, regular classes and tuitions are not always enough. A large number of students feel a dire need to have someone which could understand their unique learning challenges with English and adjust accordingly. Bright Tutee saw this gap and along with a team of experienced English, teachers developed a unique and updated video course which not only helps a student study better but also enables them to score more. 

Some of the features of this video course which make it a must-have study partner for Uttarakhand board students: 

Mapped to the syllabus:

Video lessons are mapped to the syllabus of Uttarakhand Board of School Education (UBSE)

Engrossing video lessons:

Students learn with the help of our comprehensive video lessons.  A team of experienced English teachers explains every prose, every poetry with lots of examples and everyday stories. You also get tremendous help with reading skills, writing skills, and grammar part. 

Instant assessments:

Students are prompted to take multiple-choice questions (MCQs) after they finish a video lesson. After submission, they get instant results which indicate whether a student fully understands what he/she learnt in the video lesson or whether he/she needs to re-take the lesson. Unsolved/solved assignments also help students assess themselves, and improve accordingly. 

Unlimited practice:

Students get the opportunity to have all their question papers at one place. They can access our reservoir of previous years' question papers, sample question papers, and model test papers.

Affordable pricing:

Bright Tutee's English video course can be accessed for a day for just Rs. 30. To save more on the course purchase, students should get the course for a longer time period such as 1 year, or 6 months, or 3 months, or at least 1 month, though we offer week-long purchase option as well. Students, depending on their learning needs, can purchase individual chapters as well. 

Not sure about purchasing this course for a year? Try it for a month, then.