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Anima Dey

Subject -        Chemistry

Experience -   20 Years

Chemistry is the study of the matter: its composition, properties, and reactivity. As a student and now as a teacher, Chemistry has always fascinated me. I joined Bright Tutee as I believe in its mission to build the future of education in India. I strongly believe that the future of education is digital, and teachers also need to switch to the new platforms to reach out to their students and inspire them to keep learning and keep growing. If Chemistry ever bothered you, I would strongly advise you to give Bright tutee a try. In my own video lectures, I discuss every important element or topic in great length. Plus, you can also take notes and ask a question if something in a video does not make sense to you. Also, Bright Tutee provides students with tons of assessment and exam preparation materials which further helps you perform better in your Chemistry class and exams.