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Jyotsana Sheoran

Subject -        English

Experience -   7 Years

"Failing to plan is planning to fail." -Benjamin Franklin

I am an English teacher and has been teaching this subject for over 7 years. My aim as a teacher is to reach out to more and more students and help them get over their fears for English.

I joined Bright Tutee because it's a platform that can help me achieve my goal to make English more fun and simpler for my students. The video lectures that you will get access to once you purchase my course are very comprehensive and mapped to your syllabus.I explain the lessons as well as grammar topics in an easy-to-understand manner. And even after the explanation, if you find something difficult, you can ask me. You can also take notes and revise accordingly. Plus, Bright Tutee equips you with extensive assessment and exam preparation materials. By practising with these question papers and assignments, you get better in understanding exam patterns, time management, and eventually score marks that you never scored previously in your English exams.