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Kumar Ujjwal

Subject -        Political Science

Experience -   18 Years

Political science primarily deals with systems of governance, and the analysis of political activities,political thoughts, and political behaviour. At Bright Tutee, I, along with a very experienced team of teachers, create high-quality video lecture courses for students who want to better understand Political Science, and score marks that they never scored before. In these lectures, I discuss everything in detail so my students can fully understand what they're learning and have minimal doubts. They can take notes of the things that they would like to come back to, and raise queries if they have any, which are then answered by our panel of experts. I am confident about the content and teaching methodologies that teachers adopt while creating video lectures. If you choose Bright Tutee as your learning partner, and study diligently, you can score at least 20-30 percent more marks in your exams.