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Mamta Sharma

Subject -        Economics & History

Experience -   10 Years

I have been teaching Economics and History for more than 10 years. Both the subjects are fascinating and offer you insights into our past as well as our current economic conditions. For me, learning does not have to be boring. I believe students can excel only when they develop a keen interest into what they are learning. At Bright Tutee, students are at the centre of everything we do to build the future of education in India. From developing significantly comprehensive video lectures for Economics and History to enabling a student prepare for exams with an extensive exam preparation kit, Bright Tutee stays with its students throughout their learning journeys. Whether you are very good in these subjects or you do not understand a single thing in Economics and History, you are going to get immense value out of my video lectures. It's a promise. What's more, you can start learning from as little as Rs. 30!