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Nikhil Goel

Subject -        Physics

Experience -   7 Years

Physics is one of the most fundamental scientific disciplines, and its main goal is to understand how the universe behaves. When learnt with curiosity, Physics can be an enchanting subject and students can further explore endless career opportunities in this field.

For those who do not seem to have a liking for Physics, Bright Tutee's online video lectures are probably the best solution. I have been teaching students for years, and can relate to what to they go through when they do not understand a subject well and cannot even raise their hands for clearing their doubts for fear of being mocked by class mates.

At Bright Tutee, I go the extra mile to make every topic as simple as it can be. I teach every important concept in detail and discuss important questions and topics which may appear in the exams.

Whether you go to a coaching institute or not, online learning at Bright Tutee will make you better in Physics, and help you score very good marks in the exams. To start your learning journey, you can choose from our multiple packages which start from only Rs. 30.