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Sanjay Jain

Subject -        Mathematics

Experience -   15 Years

I have been teaching Mathematics for over 15 years. I know students who dread Mathematics. But when these same kids are encouraged to gain conceptual clarity and practice the subject every single day, they often turn out as the biggest scorers in the class. I leverage my natural passion for Mathematics and my years of interactions with students when I create video lessons. My intention is always to make Mathematics interesting for my students so they never have to fear the subject and can score better marks when they sit for theirinternal or board exams. I recommend my students Bright Tutee because I deeply believe in the power of online learning and the incredible tools this platform provides to its students. What's also amazing is that the learning packages are significantly affordable. Students can choose to learn and pay day wise, week wise, month wise and year wise. They can even buy specific chapter(s)!