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Vrinda Khurana

Subject -        Economics & Biology

Experience -   15 Years

As subjects, both Economics and Biology are distinct and intriguing. Economics teaches you about the production, consumption and transfer ofwealth in an economy, whereas in Biology, we study life. You may not know that Biology derives its name from the Greek words, 'Bios' which means life, and 'Logos' which means study. When I teach, I like to make the whole process of learning engaging and informative so my students have minimal doubts and end up scoring way better marks in their internal and final exams. While creating video lectures for Economics and Biology, I make it a point that whatever I am teaching, it's easy-to-understand for my students. Also, in line with the teaching pedagogy which we adopt at Bright Tutee, I explain every topic, every chapter comprehensively. The deep content empowers students to get more out of every video lecture and perform incredibly in their classes and exams.